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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Babies! 30 plus guineas!

Here are a few pics of our new farm additons. These baby guineas are from two Moms who hatched their brood within a day of each other. We have one more Mom sitting on a least that we know of. That is the challenge with guinea Moms in spring. You never really know where they are and often they get eaten by predators while faithfully sitting on the nest. Our guineas are great moms while on the nest, but then when the young ones hatch, they better be able to keep up with Mom, because they hardly slow down at all. Very few make it to adult hood. That's why if we can find the nest, we steal the eggs, put them in the incubator, and then sell them at $4 each!
Guineas aren't for you folks in the city/suburbs, but make great tick eaters for us in the country.
They are also much too wild for the Victory Egg Garden confinement.


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